Windows Home Server v2 (VAIL), my initial reaction

  1. Please bring back some way to read the files on a disk from a non-VAIL machine! This is an important disaster recovery technique and a major selling point of V1 (Connect Link – Please Vote)
  2. Please consider adding the option for a second authentication factor to the remote access site login. (Whether it be MS or 3rd party provided through add-ins) (Connect Link – Please Vote)

I’ll tally some more detailed feedback as I look more into the changes. As it stands though, I’m a bit too disappointed with the changes in Drive Extender to install the Preview in its current state. I hope Microsoft reconsiders its deprecation of major features that contributed to the platform being attractive in the first place.


3 Responses to Windows Home Server v2 (VAIL), my initial reaction

  1. Jon Hermansen says:

    Hi. I just found your two-factor WHS “plugin”. Any chance that you’ll update it to support Vail?
    Regards Jon Hermansen, Denmark

    • Graham Murray says:

      I’ll get around to it when I upgrade to Vail, I assume. I only have my production WHS box, so I’m holding off on installing Vail until it releases. I have not even familiarized myself with the new API yet, so I’m uncertain how long the changes will take, or if they have made this area more or less extensible. The add-in is open source though, so anyone with some Vail API know-how is welcome to take a crack at updating it before I get around to it.

    • Graham Murray says:

      um, probably never now, unless they reintroduce DE into Vail.

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