Facebook Account Disabled

My Facebook account has been disabled for over a week now. As I’ve never done anything with it that even comes close to breaking their TOS, this must be in error. I’ve either tripped some automated heuristic that disabled it, or possibly the file node that held my data had an accident and this is their way of covering.
Either way, I’ve sent them numerous emails since the disabling and have not heard back yet. Sometimes I wish things like these were pay services if only so that we could enforce some sort of SLA with them. It would be interesting, actually, to be able to pay a small nominal premium for that kind of assurance.
They are rather lucky I’m only a casual user of the service, or I’d be pretty irate by now.
A quick search of the Twitter zeitgeist reveals I’m not the only one with this problem, but I’m not sure how much of this is normal Facebook disabling practices.


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