Interesting IOC, AOP news

Was just reading Andrew’s blog and it seems like Microsoft has snapped up the founder of the Castle Project for their projects. I think you can really tell how different a company MS has become in recent years. It seems as if they snap up the brightest college grads, and prowl the .NET architecture community for strategic hirings to improve their offerings. This is really putting their gargantuan resources to use for the good of .NET. I only wish they would apply some of this “leverage the community” zeal to their operating system. But I’m just really excited that this should mean some well thought out IOC and AOP offerings from microsoft in the future.

I’m hoping, also, that these new patterns don’t remain isolated in enterprise libraries or application blocks. Some of these concepts deserve to be first class objects in the clr and supported languages. What I’m personally hoping is that, at some point, we get some compile time weaving extensibility support in Visual Studio, so that we can make syntactical extensions to the languages at a more fundamental level. It’s rather hard to interface dynamic proxy based AOP with opaque frameworks. We really need some compile-time IL modification going on, or at least some way to intercept object creation, if you are relegating this to a framework.


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