WPF Browser Control, Crossbow?

Lester’s post just reminded me that .NET 3.5 SP1 has a new WPF browser control. I haven’t had a chance to install any of the SP1 previews yet so I haven’t been able to check this out. But I’m curious as to whether this is using Crossbow (win forms interop) under the covers. I think I remember getting one of the document viewers to load a webpage, only to be horrified that it seemed to be using Crossbow under the covers.

The problem with winforms interop (unless they have fixed this in 3.5) is that it seems to spawn a seperate window, so no WPF content can be rendered ontop of the interopped control. This is fine under normal conditions, but if you are doing any adorning or scrolling or rendering effects things start to look really ugly. For example if you have winforms controlls in a scrollviewer, they will render over the scroll bars if scrolled to that position. So I’m hoping they are doing something more fancy for this web browser control. I’ll just have to find out eventually. It would just be rather nice to be able to display web content in an app without having to constrain the behavior of all the containers of this control. I have a lot of the same issues with the WF designer, but that’s a post for another day.


More details on Crossbow airspace.


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