SSL Streams in .NET CF

There have been multiple times working with .NET CF where I have been balked by not being able to easily set up an SSL stream over TCP. I’m hoping that .NET CF’s WCF subset will help me put an end to this. From my knowledge of WCF (the full version), I believe I should be able to create a custom encoder so that I can just read and write strings over SSLed TCP. For the particular application I’m thinking of, I’m trying to talk to an IMAP server from Windows Mobile, so I really only need to send back and forth strings, with crlf representing the end of a message.

It seems pretty straightforward, but I’m not sure .NET CF’s WCF supports SSL for TCPTransport, or whether I have the same extensibility points as in the full WCF. So I’m curious as to whether I’ll hit a stumbling block. We’ll see.


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